What We Do – Q&A

We currently have four production teams of 4-18 people that are goaled at bringing out the best of entertainment/education/experiences tied with sex-positivity in everything that we do, while also being focused on the Seattle area.

We work with kink/fetish friendly venues, artists, communities, and events and pull off some amazing results for all.

What type events?

In the last 6 months we have pulled off Fetish Fashion Shows, Intro to D/S classes, “Tastes of Fetish/Kink in Seattle” – <Think like the TasteOfSeattle for food but we do it for Kink :)>, Formal Collaring Ceremonies (Akin to weddings in the D/S Community), Demonstrations (A TON OF) from Flogging to Contortion, from Fire Art to Pet Play, from Diapered Dance Parties to Formal Service Parties. If it makes someone excited sexually to be a part of, we have probably done it. We LOVE getting unique requests to do something we haven’t yet – challenge us – PLEASE 🙂

Where are these events held?

We have done this for several private locations, private club venues, as well as for several night clubs/bars. Whether an outdoor festival for a private party of a venue that wants to tap into the vibrant Kink communities – we are pretty damn good at optimizing the space to pull off the best results. All of these occur in the Seattle and surrounding area.

Are their costs to Wicked Daddy Productions Services?

Well duh, but we are a Results Based business. We would agree on costs based upon success goals and milestones agreeable to all. If the lead time is short, well effort and costs would go up, if we have enough advance notice (Ideal 90+ days) then we are very confident in what we can prepare and set up. Meticulous attention to detail is a trait we all care deeply about, as that is the best way to ensure we pull off another “Wicked” event.

How do I book Wicked Daddy Productions to host an event?

Well you can use the Contact Us form or simply email Prod@WickedDaddyAcademy.com and give a name and phone # and ideal time to call. Given our world typically starts in the evenings, evening times are ideal as we would have the most representatives available.

Who the heck is “Wicked Daddy”? 

Our Founder and CEO is the same Wicked Daddy who is revolutionizing the Adult Toy market with WickedDaddyAcademy.com. This is a store that looks to debunk the myth that quality toys have to come with inflated prices. The adult toy industry has been taking advantage of all of us Kinksters – he is on a mission to set things right and reset the bar on how we all buy and appreciate quality toys. You can get more personal with who he is from his personal blog at WickedDaddyBlog.com (Warning, it can be quite raw at times).