A Sexploration of Kink : Private Event

A private event at the beautiful and Iconic Vermillion Art Gallery and Bar that includes several speakers and demonstrations representing many Sex-Positive dynamics and practices of Kink and Fetish.
From shibari (Japanese rope bondage) and impact play to polyamory and a history of BDSM in Seattle, there will be live demonstrations as well as entertaining lectures by people who love to share what turns them on and why.
This unique opportunity is the perfect open access to anyone looking to explore their kinks but don’t know where to start or even who to talk to. This forum allows for intimate Q&A in a safe protected space and is certain to inform, excite, and help.

Tickets Here

This is a private event – if you purchase tickets know that you will be recieveing an email for vetting prior to being confirmed for the event. This not only ensures that we have an idea of your interests but also that you are a safe attendee to such an opportunity. Those not accepted will be granted a full refund within 3 days of the event and via TicketLeap.
Questions can be directed to Prod@WickedDaddyAcademy.com

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