“Pain & Pleasure” (Kink Night) @The Baltic Room – Sun July29th 9pm-2am

Greetings All,

We always try to do events right, to make them memorable – lasting – and something that makes you want to anticipate the next. This is it folks. Wicked Daddy Productions has signed on to Sponsor THE next Kink/Fetish weekly occurrence in Seattle, and oh boy this one is growing.

This next event is the pre-lude to what will launch, with Wicked Daddy Productions signing on to do regular shows and performances this will wind up being THE place you want to be weekly. THE place to start your week off, and THE place that makes your Monday mornings start with a *Smile* (and hopefully a Wicked Smile at that).

What to expect – This venue in the past was once know for it’s Kink regulars and it’s openness and friendly vibe for Kink/Fetish scene. It went through a management change and, frankly, it kinda died. The new management? Well they are badass and want to not only meet the previous vibe but jump it up 200 times more.

What I can first tell you is that the Kink-Regulars are back. It took a few weeks but they are back. In my decades in the communities I can personally attest to the friendliest and the most-open-people on the planet that will accept all with open hearts and hugs. In a good translation – this is a SAFE kink friendly environment (and we plan on keeping it so). Call it a reboot or call it just a need for this community to have – this WILL be a Kink regular spot anyone can call home. This Sunday is an *AMAZING* opportunity for anyone looking for a regular venue.

When you drop in you will be greeted by our Concierge of Kinkdom, who will help you get settled and point out all the wonderful spots in the club. The Tall ominous fellow at the front is “Lurch” – he runs Security with his team. He is there to make certain that the rules of *Consent* are followed. Important in this realm. The bar is right next to the front so say hi to the friendly crew. Rumor has it there will be drink specials that get you wonderful SexToys with your drinks (BTW, The rumors are totally true, so try all the specials and go home with a treasure trove of Wicked goodies).

Past the Bar will be a PetPlay area. Make sure to start there. The Kennel Master will let you see the little cute kitties in play or in their kennels. Only reach in to pet with permission though or they may bite! If curious about what PetPlay is, speak up and get the info on the dynamic. It is the Sub (Submissive) taking on the role of an animal or pet, often tied with a sexual interaction.

Swing around the bar to the Dance Floor. Two Badass DJs will be alternating the beats all evening. I wont drop names, but if you are an aficionado of the Seattle DJ scene – you will know both of them easily. What a score to have them come on board!

Look east to the Dance platform – Likely you will get a glimpse of Landon or Amy – the regular dancers for the event. Landon was one of the highlight models for our last Fetish Fashion Show and Amy is a total doll! Oggle next to them all you want – they know they are eye-candy for you!

For those of you who paid the extra $5 for VIP (and you really should) and beside – Holy Heck, $5 door and $5 more for VIP? Yeah this will be the last Sunday that will happen so take advantage of it! VIPs- Head up the long staircase for the NEXT level of fun. Flash your VIP wristband to be admitted in – this is where the Hooka Bar, the Cuddle Couches, and the…….*PlayPen* resides. Oh that wonderful wooden St. Andrew’s cross that you see people bound to while being flogged? Courtesy of your very own Wicked Daddy from WickedDaddyAcademy.com (Thank you very much). The Playpen Master – well THAT is a person you need to say Hi to. That is the infamous Sart. He is a local ICON (Capital “I”). When our German friends visit us they call him the “Floggermeister”. Now THAT is a show unto itself. Watch him bind subjects to that cross and then go to town with the various instruments of pain (and pleasures) with Wicked precision.

When done – Make sure you visit the Wicked Daddy Academy Table with all the toys. We will have some special pricing for the event on some of our favorite creations. (Hey, we love making people smile, what else can we say!).

I hope to see you all there. This will be the last time to join in before the FULL productions of demos, performers, and other *crazy* stuff is introduced the following Sunday.

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